Gebron Zaunwelt
What’s the blacksmith’s secret? We’re delighted to let you in on it!
Gebron is synonymous with expert craftsmanship.
Our decorative fences and pedestrian and vehicle gates vary enormously in style (from the nostalgic traditional to the ultra-modern), but they share one characteristic: cast-iron quality. This starts with the basics, or in other words the choice of material.
Added to this is the high level of craftsmanship of the welders and metalworkers who manufacture our products in our own traditional smithy and the end results meet the very highest standard of quality!

Standard or very exclusive
Gebron has a very wide range of styles and detailed finishes, from the nostalgic traditional to the ultra-modern. Surely you will find exactly what you are looking for among them? Howerver, if you wish, we can also bring your own creative design to life. For example, what would you think of a decorative fence with your own initials on it? This is child’s play for our workers who are master craftsmen down to their very fingertips.

Totally made to measure

You may choose to give us the desired measurements (length, width and height) of your fence, but we can also visit you on site to measure up. The average delivery period for our fencing and gates is five to six weeks. We supply a total product, from design up to and including erection and – if desired – the installation of gate automation systems.

Perspective on the future
Before the manufacturing process begins, you will receive from us a dimensional drawing of the fence of your choice to give you a good idea of how things will look in future.

Pushing the boundaries
Although our products could be said to mark the boundaries of a garden or plot of land, Gebron likes to push the boundaries from a business point of view. We have had customers all over the Netherlands for a considerable time. We are now also becoming more active in Germany, France and Spain. We have even established initial contact in fast-growing Dubai.
Our busy website attracts an average of some 900 visitors per day. Every week we receive dozens of requests for quotations. In other words, Gebron is growing at lightning speed. We expect to become the largest decorative fence specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Gebron BV
Misterweg 202-1
7102 EP Winterswijk
The Netherlands
T +31 543 531066
F +31 543 515126
E [email protected]

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