Guarantee & Quality

Our guarantee: steely perfection
You can count on reliable quality from Gebron. Our products can withstand rough treatment. To underline the faith we have in our perfect production process, we give a five-year guarantee on the coatings of all our fences and gates.

Matching colours
Our fences and gates can be finished in all RAL colours. Even if you don’t find exactly the right colour, it is possible to finish your fence in exactly the same shade that matches the paint colour of your home or building. Our philosophy is that buildings and fencing can only be seen at their best when they form a harmonious whole.

Quality coating
The coating applied to a fence or gate is literally the "finishing touch". That’s why we also devote a lot of attention to the (powder) coating of our products.The combination of professional craftsmanship and the use of superior materials ensures excellent protection. Something that can – literally – take a knock!

Fast service
Another trump card in our approach is our top-quality service. When you request a quotation from us, you will receive a reply within one working day. We also contact you again after a week to find out if everything is clear.

Gebron BV
Misterweg 202-1
7102 EP Winterswijk
The Netherlands
T +31 543 531066
F +31 543 515126
E [email protected]

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